Poppy Fields

My unique feminine clothing is inspired by the various aspects of my personality – the free-spirited soul and heart of a Gypsy, Bohemian and Hippie.

IMG_1709My artistic creative designs involve recycling and upcycling delicate materials and fabrics to produce one-of-a-kind garments that are as different as they are beautiful.

I live in the beautiful English countryside which is a short drive from Glastonbury Tor and a”stone’s throw” from the World Heritage site of Stonehenge, which is a focal point for druids, spiritualists, healers, artisans and hippies – especially around the June Summer solstice. Ancient culture, nature and the spiritual world have a strong influence on my creativity and design.

Only now with the encouragement of others have I dared to promote my unusual and distinctive clothing creations on the web, even though I have been wearing my own items of clothing for a long time. My day to day clothing stands out in a crowd and is very different and the long and flowing rags and tatters that I wear tends to get me noticed and encourage conversation. I love pretty, colourful and ornate things and this passion flows into my work. I love old fashioned textiles and materials and use natural dyes from meadow flowers and woodland plants.

I am a warm-hearted easy-going but old fashioned girl at heart with a very feminine and unusual approach to my appearance.

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I hope you like what you see!

Love Poppy xx…